The State of State Law for Autonomous Vehicles

Given the cost and complexity of the challenge, autonomous vehicle technology is developing with blistering speed. What has evolved less rapidly is the legal landscape as it relates to these vehicles. Efforts by the federal government to develop new legislation governing AVs have stalled. Law at the state level is fragmented, where it exists at … More The State of State Law for Autonomous Vehicles

Car Design

Among the many changes autonomous vehicles will usher in, a radical new car design will most certainly be one. Already we are seeing concepts from automakers and industry experts that bear little resemblance to cars of the past century and that wouldn’t look terribly out of place in a sci-fi thriller. There are three innovations … More Car Design

The Economic Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles

Just like the computer, and the car before that, autonomous vehicles will send substantial and numerous shock waves through the world economy. You would be hard pressed to find an industry that will not be impacted (for good or for bad) by autonomous vehicles. Importantly, the economic impacts of the autonomous car will be magnified … More The Economic Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles

The Trolley Problem

One of the thorniest problems facing driverless cars has nothing to do with technology or bureaucracy or personal anxiety over the technology. Instead its an ethical dilemma, a moral quandary. Robots will be placed in a position to make decisions about human life. Up until recently, this has been the stuff of science fiction. Fodder … More The Trolley Problem