Autonomous vehicles will usher in a transportation era no less revolutionary than the Henry Ford’s Model T and it will likely happen far faster. AV-Future.com is designed as a resource for those interested in what autonomous vehicles are and how they will revolutionize both transportation and urban design. This technology will invariably impact our lives in myriad ways and this website will help you understand what those impacts might be, why they are expected and how we can plan for them as individuals, public agencies and private institutions. If you have questions or suggestions for the website, please email me at Michael.Krantz@AV-Future.com.

AV-Future.com is under construction. Feel free to peruse the content that has been published, but there are still gaps in the structure and flow of the website. I hope to have a more complete site available by mid-2018. After the site is complete, I will begin publishing newsletters and the occasional blog post.  Enjoy!